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Alan M. Musilek (M.S. Traffic Safety)

8333 402nd Avenue

Genoa City, WI. 53128


Application and agreement

Date:  _________________________


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I (we) apply to Defensive Driving Specialists LLC for services listed below.  I (we) understand that these services will be provided by an instructor who is licensed and certified by the Wis. Department of Transportation.  Behind-the-wheel instruction and observation will be conducted in an approved and safety inspected vehicle.


Defensive Driving Specialists LLC shall provide the following:


  1. 30 hours of classroom driver education classroom and behind the wheel       $375.00
  2. 30 hours of online classroom, 6 hours driving & 6 hours observation           $375.00
  3. Individual behind the wheel instruction                                                           $40.00/hr.
  4. Additional 3 hours of behind the wheel for individual lessons                       $120.00


I (we) understand that due to the absence of a second driver, it may be necessary to substitute the 6 hours of observation for 3 additional driving hours in order to allow an individual to finish the course.  The cost of this b-t-w program is $300 to $360 depending on whether or not a partner can be found and scheduled for the student in question.  THIS PERTAINS TO STUDENTS ENROLLED IN B-T-W TRAINING ONLY!  Students enrolled in classroom are not affected by this option.

Alan M. Musilek, owner and instructor for Defensive Driving Specialists LLC, reserves the right to remove a student from the classroom, behind the wheel or observation portions of the program without refunding any monies.  According to the Drivers School and Instructor Manual, a student can be immediately removed for disruptive behavior.  This removal criteria includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Sleeping in class
  • Cell phones that ring or vibrate during class
  • Talking or passing items between students during class
  • Violating school rules resulting in a verbal reprimand.
  • Cheating on any written test administered as part of the curriculum


Please remember that this is a class where your child will be challenged and will be evaluated as to how

how much information they have attained before starting behind the wheel.  If a student is struggling with the written evaluations they are always encouraged to see the instructor for additional help before class, during break time and after class.  The instructor will always make themselves available for the student who is struggling.  It is up to the student to accept this help and try ideas to improve their grade that the instructor will offer.  It is the goal of this program that every student learns enough to be a safe, beginning driver.  To accomplish this they must do their best in and out of class and study each day of the class.


 The school will not refund any tuition or part of tuition if the school is ready, willing and able to fulfill its part of the agreement.

Alan M. Musilek, owner and instructor for Defensive Driving Specialists LLC, reserves the right to discontinue behind-the-wheel training to any person who poses unacceptable risk to him/herself and others.  This removal from behind-the-wheel is at the discretion of the instructor in the vehicle and cannot be challenged by the student, legal guardian, or any other persons.  It will only be enforced when the safety of all persons in the vehicle is being compromised.  A student who misses a behind-the-wheel session will make it up at the convenience of the school.  An additional fee of sixty dollars ($60) will be charged for each session missed.  This covers one hour of driving and one hour of observation.  Students are to arrive for their behind-the-wheel session fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled start time and must have their instructional permit with them.

I (we) further understand that only two (2) excused absences will be allowed.  If a student is absent for any legitimate reason, the absence must be be marked on the student’s record card and the lessons missed must be made up (Trans 105.07(2)(a) Wis. Adm. Code).  If more than two (2) classroom sessions are missed, the student will be required to drop out of class and take the entire program over or leave Defensive Driving Specialists LLC.

“Defensive Driving Specialists, LLC assumes that the Applicant-Driver shall follow instructions given to him or her by its instructor and that the Applicant-Driver shall cautiously adhere to all speed limits and other rules of the road.  Should the Applicant-Driver disregard such instruction, speed limits, or other rules of the road and should such disregard or deviation cause-in-fact an accident, Defensive Driving Specialists, LLC shall assume no responsibility or liability for injuries to persons or damages to or loss of property caused by such deviation.  Further, the Applicant-Driver agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Defensive Driving Specialists, LLC from any and all claims and actions arising from such deviant behavior including the payment of attorneys’ fees and costs which may be incurred by Defensive Driving Specialists, LLC in defending any such claims or actions.”

This agreement constitutes the entire contract between Defensive Driving Specialists LLC and the student and no verbal statement or promises will be recognized.



STUDENT SIGNATURE __________________________________  DATE _____________


PARENT SIGNATURE    __________________________________  DATE _____________


FOR DDS L.L.C.  __________________________________

DATE _____________



Please send a non-refundable $100 deposit with checks made out to Defensive Driving Specialists LLC along with this contract to secure a spot in the class you have chosen.