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We are a certified training facility in the state of Wisconsin. We service Waterford, Burlington, Salem, Paddock Lake, Union Grove, Trevor, Twin Lakes, Lake Geneva, Wilmot, Bristol, Kenosha, Muskego, Wind Lake, Kansasville.


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Online Course


Experience the best of both worlds with our new Online Course. Enjoy the flexibility of setting your own schedule within our online classroom, while still receiving a rigorous and structured lesson plan. 6 hours of behind the wheel driving time and 6 hours of behind the wheel observation time are required to successfully complete this program.  A student may substitute the 6 ours of observation time for an additional 3 hours of driving time if they want individual lessons one on one with the instructor.  If this option is chosen it will be possible to make a custom schedule to fit the students’ needs but also comes at additional cost.



In Class Course


If learning online isn’t for you, sign up for our Traditional Course. This option combines 30+ hours of attendance in the Defensive Driving Specialists classroom. Our classroom setting provides a supportive and consistent learning environment. using the latest technology to keep the class interesting.  A discussion format is implemented instead of traditional lectures.  It’s a great option for students who do their best work with an instructor and other classmates.  6 hours of behind the wheel driving time and 6 hours of behind the wheel observation time are required to successfully complete this program.  A student may substitute the 6 ours of observation time for an additional 3 hours of driving time if they want individual lessons one on one with the instructor.  If this option is chosen it will be possible to make a custom schedule to fit the students needs but also comes at additional cost.



Students who are not required to complete the standard Driver’s Ed Coursework may be eligible for our Behind the Wheel Only course. You’ll receive the same thorough and attentive training, without any other course requirements. Our Behind the Wheel training has a proven success rate. We will make an alert and defensive driver out of you. Don’t just take our word for it.



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We train our students to be some of the safest drivers on the road.

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We are proud to offer a state of the art online course with the most modern tools available today.

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We take great pride in what we do and make your childs and other motorists saftey our # 1 priority.


State DMV Approved

In the state of WIsconsin 

Online DriveRs Ed for Teenagers









Real Time Results


Stacie Erdman

Extremely pleased with this program! Mr. Musilek & 
Mr. B are extremely thorough and do their best to be sure that these kids 
are going to be safe on the road. I had high anxiety about having a teen 
driver, but when my daughter drove I noticed that she was always cautious, 
careful and attentive. She really takes driving seriously and I believe it 
is due to this program. Proud to say that she passed her road test, being 
only one point away from a perfect score. The examiner even commented that 
she was a great driver. Highly recommend!

Goldie Stacey

My Son Jordan just finished the Classroom Drivers Ed, and he Loved it. Mr. 
Musliek is an excellent Teacher. I hope when Isaac turns 15 1/2 you will 
have your contract at Badger High School so I will not have to travel to 
Westosha for his Classroom drivers ed. I always talk very highly of you, 
when I am in the office at Badger High School. I truly believe you are an 
Awesome Teacher, Thank you for everything you have done for Jordan. He has 
truly learned about being a safe driver!

Kate Husenica

I thought that it was a VERY good class, if you 
studied, took good notes, and paid attention in class it was fairly easy. 
What was hard was learning how to think a completely different way, and 
learning to think entirely outside the box. Overall, there wasn’t a single 
thing that didn’t help us become very good defensive drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should my child take driver education?

A person can legally start their first day in the classroom or online class when they reach the age of 15.  However they cannot legally obtain a learners permit until they reach the age of 15 ½.  We like to see them closer to their half birthday if possible.  Sometimes sports, jobs or school can get in the way.  If they need to start shortly after turning 15 we have a plan to make them successful that they can implement.

When can my child take the instructional permit test?

This depends on where they take the test.  If they go to the DMV to take the test they must be at least 15 ½ years old.  If they pass they will receive their permit to drive with their legal guardian that day.  If they are taking a traditional classroom with our school, they can take the test as young at 15 years old and their results are valid for one year.  This is part of the cooperative testing program.  However, they cannot go to the DMV to get their actual permit and cannot drive a motor vehicle until the age of 15 ½.  Whenever you go to the DMV maker sure you take along their birth certificate and their social security card.

How does Behind the Wheel work?

Behind the Wheel (BTW) runs twice a week for 3 weeks.  We have groups who drive on Mondays and Thursdays.  Some groups drive on Tuesdays and Fridays.  We also on occasion offer a Wednesday and Saturday group when needed.  Students drive one hour and observe one hour twice a week for 3 weeks.  This gives them the opportunity to lock in proper driving procedures and then perfect them over the next 4 months or so before their road test. 

How can I lower the cost of driver education?

We have a program called “Refer a Friend”.  This is where you can refer another family and receive a $25 credit towards your balance or a $25 check mailed to you if you are fully paid.  It is an excellent way to lower the cost of driver education for your family as well as help another family learn the defensive approach to driving that is so necessary in today’s world.

What types of classes do you offer?

We offer both the traditional classroom experience as well as an online class.  The traditional class is more impactful while the online class is more convenient.  Both offer great information delivered in an interesting and stimulating way.  Which one is best for you may depend on how your child learns better.  In either case your child will be required to take tests on each lesson and remember it for the behind the wheel portion.

Where do you have traditional classrooms at?

Currently we offer classes at Burlington H.S. in Burlington, Wi. as well as Westosha Central H.S. in Paddock Lake, Wi.  Burlington classes typically are offered in January, April, June and September.  Westosha Central classes are typically offered in February, June and November.  Please check my future classes link for more current information on what is being offered this year.

What makes your school better than other driving schools?

We offer up to a 40 hour program with one on one time for students who need extra help like they might get in school.  We take time in the middle of each class to talk with whomever needs help.  This way I can help those who might be struggling a little and show them how they can improve.  We also do not drive in the same town for all our btw lessons.  We drive in Burlington, Twin Lakes, Elkhorn, Lake Geneva, Kenosha, Milwaukee and I-94, Antioch and others to see if the students can transfer the knowledge on each maneuver to different locations, just like when they are driving by themselves.  This produces a more meaningful btw course and gives the students the confidence and control of the vehicle they must have to drive safely and defensively.

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